There are thousands of Greek dances known today, and at Figoura we hand-pick what we think are a good balance between the more popular dances, as well as the less known, regionalised, beautiful and stylistic dances which only few good dancers know.  Greek dancing is both rich and varied in nature, from circle dances, line dances, solo dances, and couples dances which have stemmed from various historical times and represent times of happiness, during festivals, victories, weddings and religious occasions through to dances of war and pain.  As well as emotion, dances have styles depicted by the region they are also from, from heavy dancing in Epirus and area of the Pindos mountains through to light and airy dances of the Greek Islands.

For many Greeks, dancing is a way of life, and has been part of us through culture and upbringing without choice, whilst for others it may have come about through a connection with Greek friends, perhaps a favourite Greek holiday destination or they simply stumbled across Greek dancing by some other means. Either way, Greek dancing is for everyone. There are dances to suit all ages and abilities.  


At Figoura, the origins of every dance has been thoroughly researched by our dance instructor, exploring the times before the formation of the modern Greek state as far back as the ancient Greek times.  Our repertoire of dances is therefore very extensive and covers dances from many Greek regions such as Cyprus, Crete, Epirus, Thrace, Macedonia, Eastern Romelia/Northern Thrace the Peloponnese, Central Greece (Roumeli), Asia Minor, Pontos, Cappadocia and many of the Greek islands of the Dodecanese, Ioanian and Cyclades. This list of regional areas each comes with a wealth of dances and styles, and if that wasn't enough, each neighbouring village differs in dance steps from one to the next.


Our instructors are on a roadmap of continual learning and development to help deepen and strengthen their knowledge of local festivals, religeous events, symbolic historical moments, to help further expose our students to vast range of dances each term.


There is no better place to start your Greek dancing journey than Figoura, our vibrant Greek dancing experience sets a standard that remains unparalleled.

I found the dance classes very fun and have learnt a lot. Jack is very patient and takes time to go over things you have not grasped. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming - cake always brings people together. I also loved the social events (Greek do and Christmas party) which allowed me to get to know my fellow dancers more. All in all, a great term!

As an Englishman, I can state that Greek dancing at Figoura, whether you simply have an interest in the Hellenic culture, or a link or tie to it, is an absolute must. Not only can you truly taste the culture through the experience, but you truly also have the opportunity to learn a challenging yet invaluable skill-set !

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