Are you are looking to make your event even more special with Greek dancers? Then look no further, the Figoura Performing Group can help. Let us transform your event into a Greek dancing frenzie. Greek dancing is becoming a very popular showcase at weddings, engagements and many other functions, and we can cater for the party guests as well as the traditionalists. We can compile a performance to appropriately suits your event and guests and work with your musicians or provide our own music.



The performing group and its members may be hired to perform at displays, shows, events, and functions.


We are also available to take part in charity work, festivals, workshops and seminars.


Various dance packages are available starting from as few as two dancers right up to the full dance group*


Wherever possible, we try to wear full traditional costume to compliment the performance.


*Please be aware that our dancers have other professions which may limit availability, especially during weekdays. We kindly request any hirers give the performing group enough time to manage diaries and rehearsal time before your event.

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