Anargyros Bissias

Born and raised in Ermioni Argolidas, Greece, Anargyros studied Business Administration with a specialisation in Marketing at the Athens University of Economics and Business and has a Master's degree in Management from Birkbeck, University of London. He works as a Programmatic Account Manager at a Performance Marketing agency in London.

Anargyros started dancing from a very early age whilst at school and became a member of its Greek dancing performing group learning different dances from all around Greece. His passion and love for Greek tradition led him to join the presidential guard in Athens, where he offered his military service as 'evzonas'. During this period he continued traditional Greek dancing, as a member of a performing group that was formed for special events at the "Proedriki Froura" in Athens. Three years ago, he came to London to pursue an MSc in Management and realised that he wanted to continue his dancing.  He joined the Figoura dance classes which helped further his exploration for Greek dancing and learn even more about different dances from all around Greece.


In his spare time, he enjoys travelling to new places and exploring London and is also interested in fine wines and spirit tasting sessions.

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Frances Hetherington

Frances is a Londoner who has worked as a primary school teacher, IT programmer/analyst and bookkeeper.


Among her many interests are family, friends, tennis and collecting salt & pepper sets. Her interest in Greece began as a child with Greek mythology and ancient history; has developed as an adult with Greek lessons and cultural events in London plus many visits to Greece. In 2012 she discovered the joy of Greek dance...

Associate member

Ioanna Xenaki

Ioanna grew up in Brussels, where she has been Greek dancing since the age of 7. Her Greek dancing and singing performances started a few years later, in venues ranging from the European Parliament, the Centre for Fine Arts of Brussels, to various cultural events all over Brussels.


Ioanna moved to London to study, achieving a Master’s degree in Astrophysics at UCL. She then moved on to work in software for insurance. In London, she joined the performing groups of Lyra Greek Dancers, followed by the performing group of Lykion Ton Hellinidon, where she performed at various venues, including the Dorchester Hotel. She finally settled at the Figoura dancing group, where she has been enjoying the warm atmosphere and varied dancing ever since. She particularly enjoys dances from Crete, where she returns every year to enjoy the local dancing.

Standard member, Dancer

Jack Iacovou

Born and raised in London to Greek Cypriot parents, and educated to Masters level in Electrical and Electronic Enginnering from UCL in 2000.  By day he works professionally as Transition Manager for a leading UK telecommunications company. 


The rest of his time is endured by his life long passion of Greek dancing.  He is an enthusiastic performer, dancer and instructor, with over 30 years dancing experience and has accumulated a huge repertoire of dances in both modern and Greek folk dancing together with a wealth of supporting knowledge over the years.

Trained to performance level, Jack has maintained his continued interest through years of teaching, research, training and performing and continues to share his passions through Figoura as Director and lead dance instructor.


Jack regularly plays squash and likes long cycle rides and is interested in new technologies and ventures.  More recently Jack is learning to play some folk instruments (when he finds the time) and is a key member in the UK's first Greek Folk Dance Festival (GFDF).


Lucas Macklai

Having just recently moved to the U.K. from Canada, Lucas is excited to join the Figoura family. In Canada, Lucas was part of two local dance groups, taught Greek dance through his church’s dance school as well as through it's Greek school program. He started dancing at the age of 13 and since then he has never looked back! When Lucas isn’t dancing, he enjoys literature, talking shop about education, spending time with friends, and exploring the various things that London has to offer. Lucas likes all aspects of Greek dance from the music to the costumes, but his favourite part would have to be all the connections and friendships that he’s made because of it and he is looking forward to creating more memories as part of Figoura!

Standard member, Dancer

Marcos Kallou

Marcos' father hails from the Cypriot village of Lefkara. Although born and bred in London Marcos has Greek music, culture and dancing in his blood and has been dancing at weddings and community dances all his life. He has been with Figoura since the outset, and is in the intermediate class although he also goes to the beginners class in North London when he has a free Monday night. His particular passion is for the uptempo 'laika' style of Greek music of the 60s. One of his ambitions is to sing some of his favourite songs in a Greek karaoke. 

A qualified will writer and estate planner Marcos never wastes an opportunity to listen to his kind of Greek music: in the shower, In the car, at home or on YouTube until silly hours of the morning. He has many interests including a keen interest in politics and political history and travelling.

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Natalie Theophanous

Born and raised in London to Greek Cypriot parents, Natalie studied music at university level. She also has a Master’s degree in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship and whilst working graduated in a Professional Diploma in Marketing. After a career in the publishing industry, Natalie now runs a successful marketing agency and a music school. 


Natalie has a keen interest in Greek dance and has been dancing from a young age. She also plays the piano, the saxophone, enjoys keeping fit and playing tennis on a regular basis. 

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Niki Louca

Niki was brought up by her Cypriot parents in the UK and was inspired by Greek School to keep Greek traditions alive by expressing this through Greek folk dancing.  She pursued a career as a secretary in a Greek shipping company and later on became a legal secretary.  Art and cake making has always been a great passion of Niki’s, and her passion for dancing never materialised until her brother re-introduced her to it.


In 2013 Niki joined Figoura and can’t imagine life without it now.  She has become a very valued member of the ‘Figoura family’ and a favourite amongst students.  She brings her enthusiasm and support not to mention her culinary skills through her passion for cakes at all Figoura special events.

Associate member

Ofelia Popescu

Ofelia was born and raised in Romania in the heart of a Greek family and has come to London to study Genetics at UCL. Her interests are in both studying molecular patterns of evolution of different organisms and genes involved in immunological processes. 


She started dancing at a very early age doing 5 years of ballet and at the age of 14 got involved with the local Greek community since her family maintained a strong relationship with it. After a year she joined the folk dance group 'Olympos' where she learnt dances from all around Greece with her favourites being Pontian and dances from the Asia Minor. Ofelia has performed both in Romania and abroad including Greece and Slovenia, and her joy and passion for dancing always remains the same wherever she is.

Apart from dancing, Ofelia enjoys travelling and skiing. She is also a huge animal lover and has a soft spot for small pets, and is currently raising 2 two small fish.

Standard member, Dancer

Yiannis Panayi

Yiannis, born and raised in London, graduated with a BSc from Queen Mary University of London in Physical Geography . Due to his interest and passion for his research, Yiannis went onto complete a Masters identifying, and analysing, the potential offshore tsunami, and hazardous threats to the coastal regions of the United Kingdom. As well as his love for Geography, Yiannis also has a keen interest in the finance sector, and is currently working as a forensic auditor for Sainsbury’s.

Yiannis, who’s love for dancing started at an early age whilst attending Greek school, further grew on his annual visits to Paphos, Cyprus, where he especially enjoyed dancing with his family and performing the 'datcha', whilst being accompanied by his uncle on the accordion. Yiannis joined Figoura in 2015 to further develop his dance skills, and expand his knowledge about the different dances of the Greek culture, in particular Cretan and Pontian.

Outside of Figoura, Yiannis’ passion is football, following Manchester United all around England and Europe. Yiannis also enjoys playing golf, horse riding, clay pigeon shooting and ice skating, and travelling the world. 

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