Figoura - School of Greek Dance, is the result of a passion driven dream, which has been years in the making. Years of research, training and networking demonstrates exactly what we believe is the backbone of our classes and dance structure. This, combined with our pleasant, fun and energising dance environment, has students returning year upon year, as well as attracting new students that want more than just the conventional.

Our Director, Jack Iacovou once said, "there must be more to Greek dancing" and with that thought he pursued a journey of research and dedication which has created a world beyond his imagination.


Figoura's story starts first and foremost with Jack's passion to inspire others to love Greek dancing and to honour it, just as he has over the years. He believes that if he can inspire just one person, then he will have succeeded.


Jack was exposed to Greek dancing at a very early age, and as a result, he discovered his passion and affinity towards Greek dancing. His first dance teacher Kostas from Cyprus helped to inspire him by recognising his talents early, and permitted Jack to attend and participate in adult classes that he ran so that he could help with Jack's development. By this time, Jack was only 10 years old. Through all of his experiences; watching and observing the very things that once inspired him, attending seminars in the UK and abroad, teaching privately, and building up his knowlege of dances and styles as well as teaching practices, he realised something was still missing from Greek dance classes in London. 


The Figoura School of Greek Dance was established in 2013 with the aim of creating educational classes that were fun, energetic and upheld Jack's ethos to help inspire more people to love Greek dancing. 


Today, as a result the Figoura School of Greek Dance, hundreds of individuals have been inspired.  Not only are we encouraging people to dance, but also paving the way for new teachers to continue the passion. We have hundreds of students that learn with us across each of our classes, and we have a rising performing group formed by passionate students.