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Welcome Mariana, Nikola & Sophia

At Figoura our core has also ways been centred around teaching our registered students the wealth of regional Greek styles and dances from the many areas where Greeks once lived or still live today. Last year, in September 2015, a sub group of dancers from the classes became the first members of the performing group, allowing them to further exhibit their passion of Greek dancing to an audience outside the classroom.

The performing group journey is a long one, and all the members know that we are only at the beginning. There will be lessons learned along the way that will improve our development and set targets for us to meet both collectively and as individuals. It's with great pleasure that we welcome 3 new members to our performing group.

We welcome:

Mariana, who came to Figoura with a wealth of experience in 2015 and joined our Intermediate/Advanced dance classes directly. When Mariana heard about our performing group, she was very keen to be part of it.

Nikola is not only one of the newest to join Figoura dance classes (having joined in early 2016), he is also our youngest of students to join us at just 17 years of age, and in this short time with us has shown real determination to learn and excel with us. When he applied to join the performing group, he was most certainly welcomed!

Sophia, who came to Figoura in 2013 and was one of our early students in the beginners class. Some of you may recognise her from some of our early Figoura promo videos. To some she is now known as the 'helicopter girl' for her contribution towards the Hasaposerviko end of term dance performance. She comes back to us after taking a break to travel the world, and now has her sights on conquering the performing group.

We are looking forward to having all 3 new dancers with us, as we continue to rehearse/practice over the next year.

You can read more about each of the new members of the performing group as well as our existing members on our website here.

If you are interested in joining the performing group you can apply at any time. The details are HERE

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