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Watch out, Yianni's about!

We are really pleased to welcome yet another new member to the Figoura performing group.

Yianni, a man always full of energy and charisma joins our Associate members of the performing group. Yianni certainly likes to make himself known amongst his fellow dancers in classes, and leads the way when it comes to organising events for students to participate in. He is also a huge Manchester United fan, which means you'll mostly see him wearing red. I think we may have to create a bespoke Figoura T-shirt for him :-) Yianni also never misses a party! Honest! (unless he's already at another event!). Mr social aims to bring this same energy into the Performing group and is looking forward to helping out in whatever way he can.

Yianni, welcome to the team!

You can read Yianni's full bio HERE along with other members of the performing group.

If you are interesting in joining the performing group, take a look HERE to find out how you can apply.

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