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More than just a dance class...

It’s no secret that Greeks love to party, and they’ve been doing so for many years! The Greek people have been blessed with a culture that is rich in traditions and Greek folk dance is very much at its core. For many, it is simply a way of life, part of their inheritance and identity. Greek dancing brings communities together, creates uniformity, encourages sharing, strength and networking. It brings out the best in people, and highlights the Greek spirit. Greek dance is the people's dance. It belongs to everyone, yet no-one individually. Our programme at the Figoura School of Greek dance, has been carefully crafted to ensure that you're not only learning steps to dances, but also that it gives you a sense of a much deeper connection and a sense of community. There are many reasons to take a dance class, but there are even more reasons to take a Greek Folk dance class at Figoura!


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