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Κρητικό Φεστιβάλ Μουσικής και Χορού στο Λονδίνο. (Cretan music and dance Festival)

Back in May 2016 the Greek Folk Dance Festival (#GFDF) launched its first event, promising to bring Greek folk music and dance together for the dancers, for the enthusiasts and for anyone with a general interest in the Greek culture.

The four musicians from Crete: Giorgos Papasifakis, Giannis Mihalas, Giorgos Vranas and Mihalis Kotsolakis played an amazing six-hour set, to over 250 people that turned up to see what the GFDF was all about; and nobody was left disappointed. Not only were the musicians skilled instrumentalists, but their harmonic vocals mesmerising. Of course, the favourites were bound to be played, Pentozali, Malevizioti, Sousta, Siganos, Syrtos, and were played seamlessly with various instruments, and best of all was seeing so many non-dancers participating and trying dances for the first time. For the more experienced dancers, a selection of the lesser known Cretan songs and dances were also played keeping everyone on their toes throughout the entire event.

A year later, following various other GFDF events, our Cretan musicians from Rethymno are back for the 4th GFDF event, and it promises to be every bit as good as the first one - and better! This time the event will be held over two days, Saturday and Sunday, and there are already over 400 people interested in attending.

So if you are after fabulous, authentic, traditional Cretan music, combined with dancing, food, cakes, a selection of wines, spirits and other refreshments all wrapped up into a great community atmosphere, then you won't be disappointed by any of the GFDF events.

Check out the video below which became viral following their last visit!


Saturday 24th June

Doors Open 4pm (till 10pm)


Sunday 25th June

Doors open 2pm (till 8pm)


Photo gallery from the 1st GFDF event



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