Private lesson gift voucher


£80 Gift voucher redeemable only at Figoura School of Greek Dance and may be used towards tuition of a single 2 hour long private dance lesson with a Figoura dance instructor only. This gift voucher is for toutio of one person only. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from date of purchase.


The recipient of the gift voucher will need to decide when they are available for a private lesson within a year of the purchased voucher and contact Figoura School of Greek dance to arrnage a suitable time/date and location for the private lesson. They should also validate the gift voucher by confirming the purchase code.

  • Download and validate the voucher

    Validate the voucher by writing down the purchase code sent to you in your email.  The recipient should use this code to redeem the voucher.

  • Refunds

    There is no refund policy for gift cards.