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Figoura - School of Greek Dance, is the result of a passion driven dream, which has been years in the making. Years of research, training and networking demonstrates exactly what we believe is the backbone of our classes and dance structure. This, combined with our pleasant, fun and energising dance environment, has students returning year upon year, as well as attracting new students that want more than just the conventional.


We pride ourselves on our techniques and approach to teaching, our extensive knowledge of Greek dance and our unique way of combining the traditional with the modern. Our lead instructor and founder, Jack Iacovou, comes equipped with years of dancing experience, as well as an impressive and versatile repertoire to go with it. We have the knowledge and know-how needed to structure classes in a way that maximises learning and provides students with exceptional results right from the start. 

The Figoura School of Greek Dance, is more than just a dance class, it is a dance community, united by its passion for Greek dancing; and we strongly believe in making it accessible to everyone. Our aim is to provide a fun and welcoming class environment in order to encourage excellence and self-expression in each of our students.


Whether a student is dancing for fun or exercise, we wish to provide each and every one of them with an enjoyable experience as well as a solid foundation for dance. We’re committed to helping them discover their strengths and their full potential. 

Our repertoire of dances is extensive and spans across many regions as listed below.  

  • Crete

  • Epirus

  • Macedonia & Thrace (or 'West Thrace')

  • Peloponnese (Morea)

  • Central Greece (Roumeli)

  • Central Aegean Islands (Sporades) 

  • Attica, Megara and Saronic Gulf Islands

  • North Aegean Islands

  • South Aegean Islands - Cyclades & Dodecanese

  • Ionian Islands (Heptanese)

  • Anatoliki Romelia (or North Thrace, today Bulgaria)

  • Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean independent Island)

  • Asia Minor (Today Turkey)

    • Pontos (a large subculture of Asia Minor)

    • Cappadocia (a large subculture of Asia Minor)

    • Constantinople & Marmara Sea (Propontida)

    •  Asia Minor Coast


At Figoura, the origins of every dance has been thoroughly researched to ensure it is being taught correctly and representative of the region where it is from.

We also boast a huge library of authentic music to accompany the dances that are taught.

There is no better place to start your Greek dancing journey than Figoura, our vibrant Greek dancing classes and teaching set a high standard that remains unparalleled in London and across the UK.

Jack is a Member of the International Dance Council (CID) and has been Greek dancing from the age of 8, and has built up a wealth of knowledge in the area of Greek folk dance over the years.

Jack has maintained his continued interest through years of teaching, training and performing. He has performed both nationally and internationally and frequently visits Greece to see other performing groups, meet with other instructors and he also regularly takes part in seminars both in the UK and abroad. 

Besides dancing, Jack enjoys endurance cycling and playing squash, and also works for a British mass media and telecommunications company as a network architect.

IMG_0389.JPG 2015-12-1-21:1:0

Jack Iacovou

Director and Lead Dance Instructor

Kyriacos Shiamtanis 

Dance Assistant, Adult Division

Kyriacos is a qualified and registered dietitian having worked both in the NHS as Head of Nutrition and Dietetics, he is currently a university lecturer in nutrition and also works freelance. Kyriacos still finds the time in his busy schedule to pursue his passion for Greek dancing. He met Jack during their time spent together in a performing group back in 2001. 

Kyri now lends his dedicated assistance to Jack, and loves every moment of it. Kyri has a strong passion for his roots and loves Cypriot dances, and is particularly fond of Pontian dances too. Kyri's warm and friendly approach is a testament to the class ethos and students quickly warm to his assisting approach.

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