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Whether you are new to Greek dancing or have some dance experience already, there is a class suited just for you. Choose from either our beginners/intermediate or intermediate/advanced dance class.  If you can't decide which dance level best suits you, our dance instructor will be more than happy to help guide you based on your experience.  Just send him a message via our contact form.


If you have had no exposure to Greek dance, then this is the right starting point, but similarly if you have had some exposure to  some of the more popular Greek dances, eg Sirtaki, Ikariotiko, Hassaposerviko and Kalamatianos then you may find this is the right class for you as well.  


At this level you are introduced to various dance styles from various regions around Greece, eg Crete, Epirus, Macedonia, Pontos and the Greek Islands.  So if you haven't been exposed to them before, this is a good starting point.  Each term you will be introduced to dances that will reinforce the regional styles and preparing you for the next level up.  


Students should consider this dance level if they feel adequately  equipped with knowledge of regional styles and dances.  We often get students that move into this class either because they have moved up from the beginner/Intermediate level classes or who have come from performing groups in Greece or have been dancing for a number of years.


We assume at this level that you know many of the basic dance motifs and therefore wouldn't expect to be taught them unless they form part of a dance that requires it.  We also appreciate that you may be experienced in one region more than another.  In cases like that you may wish to still consider this level.  Dances at this level generally deal with more complex movements and melodies that can be challenging for even the experienced dancer.

This is the best form of exercise, it's kept me keen and interested and because of that I am totally committed. Looking forward to seeing everyone again in the new year, we have become a Figoura family and all the credit goes to our energetic and pationate dance instructor. I take this opportunity to thank Jack for his unique and fun method of teaching. Thank you xx

The atmosphere is always the hardest element to get right with a dancing group, and I found the open friendliness of the Figoura regulars really heart-warming. That, and the excellent teaching make me want to come every single week! I get really annoyed when I have to miss it!!

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