The Figoura School of Greek Dance has launched a new initiative in April 2019 which will in time give you access to dance instruction videos as taught by our lead dance instructor. Whilst Greek dancing videos cannot replace a classroom environment, we believe that making visual content available to reference at home will help, not only our many students with their progress, but also to anyone who can't make it to our classes wherever they are in the world. We want everybody to experience our many dances taught. We will begin with videos of the most popular requested dances.
The database of videos will grow over time as we shall be continually adding new online dance videos for you to watch each month.  We want to make learning to Greek dance enjoyable and fully accessible to everyone everywhere! 
You have two options to access the videos.
  • SUBSCRIBE - This gives by unlimited access to all the Figoura Online videos for only £7.99
  • RENT - This gives you access on a per video basis.  Your access is for 72 Hours (3 days) at a small fee of £3.99
Remember these videos take a lot of time to create, but we value your feedback. If you have comments about how we can improve our videos or would like to suggest which next video you'd like us to make, we'd be happy hear from you.  Just click on the link below to get in touch.
Meanwhile we hope you find these videos useful!

All videos and content is protected by copyright law.  Anyone detected to conduct unlawful reselling or sharing of any of the protected material  shall be prosecuted in accordance with the law.