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Figoura E-Gift Voucher


You can't go wrong with a Figoura E-Gift Voucher. Choose an amount and write a personalised message to make this gift your own....

Other amount

A Figoura voucher makes the perfect gift! You can send the voucher together with personalised message direct to the lucky recipient, and even schedule it so it arrives on a specific date to surprise them! 

We've made buying vouchers easy by putting you in control of purchasing the exact amount that corresponds to either private classes for 1 or 2 people or you can really treat someone to a whole term of classes. 

Choose the right voucher for you from the list below.

Vouchers for Private Tuition

  • £60 voucher - 1 hour lesson for 1 person

  • £80 voucher - 1 hour lesson for 2 people

  • £90 voucher - 2 hour lesson for 1 person

  • £110 voucher - 2 hour lesson for 2 people

Vouchers for term based Regular classes

  • £125 voucher - 10 lessons (per person) as part of the Figoura Dance Class timetable.

Vouchers for Figoura Online Video tutorials

  • £95 voucher - Access to Hasapiko & Zorba videos

  • £120 voucher - Access to Zeibekiko videos

The voucher recipient will need to book their place either in the regular class or get in touch to arrange their private lesson appointment date with us.

If you require a voucher for another amount, get in touch, so that we can arrange it for you.

Expiration: Gift voucher expires after 12 months from date of purchase

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