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Figoura Ltd offers Private lessons as a service as well as its traditional classroom-based dance lessons.  Private lessons differs from the classroom-based lessons because they are tailored to the individual or group that has requested the private lesson. Group classes on the other hand follow a defined 10-week programme per term and consists of 3 terms over the year.


Typically, private lessons may be booked for:



Small groups

Large groups

Parties & Events


The terms and conditions for Private lessons have been outlined here.




  1. Private lessons with Figoura Ltd must be arranged and booked in advance.

  2. Private lesson fees must be paid either in advance or on the day of the lesson.

  3. Fees are accepted in cash, cheque or via bank transfer either.

  4. In a party of more than one student.  The balance of the fees is the responsibility of the person who made the booking with Figoura Ltd.

  5. A minimum of three working days (Mon-Fri excl. Bank holidays) notice is required to cancel or re-schedule a private lesson.  A cancellation fee of 40% of the total lesson cost will be otherwise due by the client. 

  6. The client shall make any dance studio arrangements and pay any fees direct to the studio. 

  7. Details of the studio hire should be provided to Figoura Ltd with a minimum of two working days (Mon-Fri excl. Bank holidays) before the planned lesson date.

  8. The client must ensure that the hired studio is adequate for dancing and large enough in size to support the number of other people participating.

  9. Fees for either one-off private lessons or block bookings are non-refundable. 

  10. The client is responsible for booking studio space for all booked dance sessions at the times arranged.  Details of the dance studio should be confirmed with Figoura Ltd to complete the booking.

  11. Arriving late for a scheduled private lesson will result in reducing your allocated lesson time.  Lost time will not be made up at the end unless instructor chooses to do so under their discretion.

  12. Once a booking is confirmed, failure to turn up on the day will incur 100% chargeto the client.

  13. Client should remain respectful to the dance instructor at all times.

  14. There may be an additional small travel fee for distances above 10 miles or where travelling to a venue or studio takes more than hour or requires travel outside of London.

  15. If a client chooses to have a private lesson in their own home, they are to provide adequate room and suitable flooring to dance on.  Please avoid carpets and grass wherever possible to minimise injuries.

  16. The client is responsible for their own health and accepts that they are fit and able to have lessons without to cause any injury to themselves.

  17. On occasion Figoura Ltd may require a power outlet.  The client will need to ensure this is available for the music system.

  18. Dances to be taught by Figoura Ltd should be agreed in advance so that the appropriate preparation is made for the private tuition

  19. Any damages to the studio or location of the tuition is the sole responsibility of the hirer.


Figoura Ltd


  1. If a private class is cancelled by Figoura Ltd due to sickness or due to any other unforeseen event then Figoura Ltd will endeavour to reschedule the class and reimburse the full amount of any studio losses, (unless the dance studio is able to reschedule at no cost).

  2. Figoura Ltd are not licenced to give medical advice, so where in doubt a student should stop dancing and speak to doctor.  If medical consent is required ahead of the class it is the responsibility of the client to seek that.

  3. Figoura Ltd provide their own music and speaker device.  

  4. All our music is licensed to be played during tuition but cannot give copes of music due to copyright laws.

  5. Figoura is not responsible for any injuries caused to the client during their participation during a private class.

  6. If the dance instructor is mistreated they will respectfully stop teahing the lesson and leave.  The client will be charged 100% of the tuition fees.

  7. Photographs may be taken during the private tuition as long as it is non-disruptive and with the dance instructors consent. Figoura Ltd shall, where appropriate, take photographs of students dancing for marketing/website material. 

  8. Videography is strictly forbidden during instruction unless otherwise agreed with the dance instructor. Figoura Ltd shall, where appropriate, video or film footage of clients for marketing material with their consent.


Private Tuition Fees
  1. We offer two time options of dance tuition. Either 1 hour and 2 hour sessions.For any other combination please enquire

  2.  Students can book single or multiple lessons in either 1 or 2 hour long slots depending on the dances they wish to learn and the length of time needed. The cost per lesson is outlined below:

1 hour tuition per lesson


Individual / £60.00

2 people   / £80.00

3 people   / £100.00

4+ people / £80 base charge + [£10 per person]


2 hours tuition per lesson


Individual  / £90.00

2 people    / £110.00

3 people    / £130.00

4+ people  / £100 base charge + [£15 per person]


Copyright and trademarks


The use or misuse of the trademarks or any other content that is the intellectual property of Figoura Ltd is strictly prohibited, without prior consent from Figoura Ltd.



Changes to the terms and conditions

Figoura Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.  Furthermore you acknowledge that the terms and conditions are updated regularly and that it is your responsibility to check for updates.

Agreement to the terms and conditions

Through payment of and agreement of your private tuition with Figoura Ltd you also agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

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