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Get ready London! Crete is coming back to London for a 3rd time due to popular demand.

Watch the festival LIVE!

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WATCH EVENT: Watch the return of the popular 4-piece Cretan band from Rethymno, Crete.  They will be playing in our fantastic open space venue in Palmers Green, North London.


The live stream will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube to watch later. 


Mihalas GIANNIS- Laouto, Mandolino, Askompantoura

Kotsolakis Mihalis - Laouto

Vranas GIORGOS- Lyra

Papasifakis GIORGOS - Ntaouli

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Note that we may use Facebook Live Stream this year which will broadcast live from our Facebook page

This live stream is being brought to you by sponsors FIGOURA - School of Greek Dance


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Having trouble with your livestream?

The live stream quality will vary depending on broadband access both uplink from the festival and downlink based upon your broadband speed. You may need to allow your 

stream to buffer for a few minutes. If the live stream buffers for too long, we recommend refreshing the page.

If you don't hear any sound, please make sure the mute button on the Live stream player is not muted as well as your on your device.


We hope you enjoy the broadcast and we thank you for your patience.

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