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As well as regular classroom-based dance classes and our private tuition offering, Figoura Ltd also has a performing group. The performing group was formed in September 2015 and is a London-based group formed of Greek dance enthusiasts committed to keeping authentic, traditional Greek dancing, costumes and music alive.  All its members also take part in the regular dance classes at Figoura.


The performing group regularly meets to practice, rehearse and discuss choreography of dances for performances.   


The performing group and its members may be hired to perform at shows, events, and functions and are also available to take part in charity work, festivals, workshops and seminars.


The performing group aims to preserve authenticity so that the original dance form is not lost nor forgotten. So, don’t expect us to balance tables and chairs on our heads, but do expect to see authenticity in dance style, our costumes, and our music from all the regions that we cover, which is pretty much everywhere that is or once was Greek.


All the dancers have other professions which may limit availability at times. We therefore request any prospective hirers to give the performing group enough time to manage diaries and rehearsal time before your event.


The terms and conditions for hiring the Figoura performing group have been outlined here.




  2. Performing group hires with Figoura Ltd must be arranged and booked at least 6 weeks in advance.

  3. The hirer shall provide an outline of the event and provide enough detail to Figoura Ltd to ensure they would be able to attend the event.  The details required are:

    1. Purpose of event (Wedding, Charity event, Festival etc.)

    2. Venue and address

    3. Time of performance (this differs to get in time)

    4. Get in time (this is the time the dancers are likely to arrive)

    5. Indoors/Outdoors

    6. Dance area size 

    7. Type of dance floor surface (wood, grass, marble, glossy ceramic, carpet etc)

    8. Total performance time (usually no more than 15-20 mins on average)

    9. Changing room information (men and women)

    10. Security of dancers’ valuables

    11. Any refreshments/food available for dancers

    12. Number of dancers required

    13. Dances specifically requested

  4. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure the venue/ place booked is safe for dancing.

  5. Where recorded music is to be used, the hirer must ensure the venue is equipped with a PA system (or similar) with associated leads/cables capable of playing music from an iPod (3.5mm jack, headphone socket).  

  6. The client must ensure that there is somebody responsible for the sound system (PA), as this will not be Figoura Ltd.

  7. If the hirer has a pre-arranged band that they would like to utilise to accompany the dancing the band must be capable of playing the authentic melodies required by the performing group and playing them in an order that is required by Figoura Ltd.  

  8. The hirer must also ensure the lead band member has been in communication with Figoura Ltd at least 1 month in advance of the event and then again 1 week before the event to ensure that everything is in order.

  9. The hirer shall allow Figoura Ltd to inspect the venue upon request during normal working hours or otherwise agreed.

  10. A deposit of 50% shall be paid by the hirer to secure the date with the Figoura Ltd ahead of the performance date.  The remainder 50% shall be paid on the day of the performance either before or after the performance completed. (unless otherwise agreed).

  11. Where a deposit has been paid, if the booking is cancelled up to 30 days before the event date the entire deposit will be retained. If the booking is made less than 7 days before the event date 100% of the agreed amount is payable to Figoura Ltd.

  12. Fees are accepted in cash, cheque or via bank transfer either.  If a card payment is preferred a small transaction fee may be applied.

  13. Any changes or exceptions to the agreement must be confirmed in writing by both sides. Cancellation of a confirmed booking should be made in writing to Figoura Ltd. 

  14. Figoura Ltd shall have the right to terminate an agreement forthwith by giving notice in writing. This could be because the client fails to make payment of any sum in accordance with the terms and conditions, or if Figoura Ltd can no longer support the event due to unforeseen circumstances.  In the latter case, a full refund will be provided.



Figoura Ltd – Performing group



  1. Based on the hirers requirements, Figoura Ltd shall provide a hire fee to the hirer.  Acceptance of the fees is also an acceptance of the Terms and Conditions for hire.

  2. Figoura Ltd reserves the right to suspend services if venue/ place is considered to be unsafe.  In such a case the hirer will still be charged at least 50% of the hire cost.

  3. Figoura Ltd reserves the right to suspend services if it is raining without shelter for the dancers or there are other adverse weather conditions that could be unsafe for the individual dancer (slippage) or for prohibiting any damages to the costume worn. In such a case the hirer will still be charged at least 50% of the hire cost.

  4. Figoura Ltd shall provide their own music but require a PA (or similar) from which to connect to an iPod device via a 3.5mm cable connector.  There may also be a requirement for someone else to press PLAY and STOP on the iPod.

  5. Figoura Ltd prefers not to use CD’s. 

  6. Figoura Ltd and its dancers request to dance in a safe environment.  Therefore, where possible we request:

    1. A venue that is free of obstacles such as furniture, building support structures, shoes and clothing that could cause an accident to a dancer.

    2. Sprung (ideally), non-slip floors (NB concrete floors are not safe for repetitive physical activity even with wood or carpeted covering and grass is generally avoided due to sprained ankles and knee strain).

    3. Approximately 5 square meters minimum space for 8 dancers.

    4. Adequate lighting and ceiling height for dance activity

    5. Well ventilated environment for dancing in.

  7. The agreed fee between the hirer and Figoura Ltd is between the get in time till the performance end at the agreed performance time.

  8. Additional time required due to lateness at the hirers event will be charged at a, rate of £50 per hour.

  9. Whilst every effort is made to ensure a smooth running of all events, Figoura Ltd cannot be held responsible or liable for circumstances beyond their control including road traffic incidents, transport incidents, including public transport services, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, war, civil war, rebellion and revolution.

  10. Figoura Ltd shall not be liable for damages as a result of the performance.

  11. If a performance is cancelled by Figoura Ltd due to sickness or due to any other unforeseen event then Figoura Ltd will endeavour to let the hirer know as soon as possible and reimburse the full deposit.

  12. If a dancer falls ill or is no longer able to perform due to any other unforeseen event which is outside of the control of Figoura Ltd, the performance will still continue, and there will be no reimbursement to the hirer. The charges will remain the same.

  13. Figoura Ltd are not licenced to give medical advice, so where in doubt about health, ability or fitness to dance, then any participant/guest who may decide to join in a dance should either stop dancing, or not participate. Figoura Ltd will take no responsibility for any accidents caused by individials trying to dance with the performing group. 

  14. Figoura is licensed to play music for teaching and performing but cannot give copes of music due to copyright laws.

  15. Figoura is not responsible for any injuries caused to the hirer, and hirers guests or event attendees during their participation in a performing group dance.

  16. If the performing group or any member of it is mistreated in any way. Figoura Ltd reserves the right to respectfully stop the performance and leave.  The client will be charged 100% of the tuition fees.

  17. Photographs may be taken during the performance as long as it is non-disruptive to the dancers and the performance. 

  18. Figoura Ltd shall also be allowed to take photographs at the event and of the performing group for marketing/website material. 

  19. Figoura Ltd shall also be allowed to take video at the event and of the performing group for marketing/website material. 


Copyright and trademarks


  1. The use or misuse of the trademarks or any other content that is the intellectual property of Figoura Ltd is strictly prohibited, without prior consent from Figoura Ltd.


Changes to the terms and conditions


  1. Figoura Ltd reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.  Furthermore you acknowledge that the terms and conditions are updated regularly and that it is your responsibility to check for updates.


Agreement to the terms and conditions


  1. Through payment of and agreement of your performing group hire with Figoura Ltd you also agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

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