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Figoura students are booking classes and purchasing merchandise Online.

Updated: May 2, 2023

Our new online booking system is now live and fully functional, and as such, more and more students are opting to book dance classes at Figoura Online. This approach does have it's benefits for students;

1. It gives students more time back during their first class registration as most of the admin is complete.

2. It helps to guarantee a students space in the class, due to the very limited spaces available each term. From September, 2016, Figoura is will be shifting all bookings to the online system ensuring a seamless experience for all it's existing and new students. Preference will be given to students that pay for their term up front via the online booking system.

3. It presents students with different payment options including Paypal and various card services.

4 It gives students a heads up on whether there are any spaces left in the class. Once all the spaces are gone, you can no longer book a space.

In addition you can also now purchase your Figoura T-shirt* online and have it either sent to you or it can be picked up at class.

If you haven't seen the online booking system, and are interested in it, then head over to it by clicking the button below.

*Whilst stock lasts.



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