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The Figoura School of Greek Dance becomes your pathway to the International Certification.

Since the Figoura School of Greek dance began back in 2013, it has taught over 500 new students and that number continues to grow as more people hear about our diverse curriculum and our inclusive structured approach to teaching, that is both fun and educational. We asked students why they chose Figoura to start their Greek dancing journey, and besides the complimentary feedback they’ve had from friends, they all concurred that it taught dances beyond just the popular dances and made learning about Greek dance not just about knowing some moves on a night out, but more about understanding the Greek culture 'paradosi' and getting a deeper connection with Greece and its various regions through its dances.

Students versatility and ability to learn dances hugely improves when exposed to all forms of regional dance and their musical ear also significantly improves. There are many other huge psychological and physical benefits to learning new dances as well.

Over the past couple of years we have been working on a certification scheme that recognises students competence in Greek dance. This is especially important for those students that choose to follow the Figoura School of Greek Dance curriculum and are interested in pursuing Greek folk dance further.

At Figoura, we take Greek dancing seriously, however, we also know that it is a fun and social activity that students come to enjoy. We understand that not everyone will want to pursue the certification programme set out by our dance school, therefore we offer two types of certification. Those that take part in the curriculum and complete the full year with us, and then an optional diploma scheme that students may follow that is recognised by the International Dance Council CID or Conseil International de la Danse (official umbrella organisation for all forms of dance in all countries of the world) and is a students pathway to acquiring the world renown INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION.

The certification scheme starts now for the year 2018/2019 and we are really excited to see the new opportunities it brings to our students.



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