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Dancers from London's Figoura School of Greek dance surprise Peter Andre in his bedroom

London born Greek Cypriot, Peter Andre, is certainly not an unfamiliar face to British Television who gained popularity as a singer, best known for his singles "Mysterious Girl" and "Flava" and also for appearing on I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!, and Strictly Come Dancing.

Little did he know that on one late evening whilst he was fast asleep with his wife Emily, he'd be abruptly woken by Michael McIntyre and challenged to Greek dance with Iacovos Iacovou and Kyriakos Shiamtanis from Figoura.

Read below to find out how it all happened...

Michael McIntyre, together with the film crew, Jack and Kyriakos and other known TV personalities such as the Beast from The Chase, and Ian 'H' Watkins from the pop band STEPS sneak into Peter Andre's house in complete darkness while remaining absolutely silent.

A very dazzled Peter as the lights go on, trying to work out what is happening.

Peter puts on a smile as the Michael McIntyre's Midnight Gameshow beings.

Michael McIntyre announces the Greek dancers from the Figoura School of Greek Dancer, and Peter throws up his arms and greets them!

Peter Andre and the dancers having a conversation in Greek discussing where they are from in Cyprus.

Michael McIntyre making a few jokes, one of which about the language which was being spoken saying to Peter "You're speaking Pingu" He then goes on to joke about the phrase where Peter says "Are you for real?" to which Michael's response is, ", they are not Pharell, they are Greek dancers..."

Jack and Kyriakos assisting Peter to put on the traditional Cypriot waistcoat or in Greek, a 'gileko'.

Emily watches on excitedly. Cameras ready, musicians ready, and Michael ready too!

The dancing begins with the slow intro to the classic melody of Zorba, before it quickly changes pace, leaving Peter in hysterics as he tries to keep up.

Even Micheal is entertained and tries to join in on the fun by dancing away in the corner.

The dancers let go of Peter to show him a 'Figoura' which involved some high kicks, jumps and leg slaps. Peter doing his best to keep up with the pace.

After a great attempt by Peter, the dancing comes to an end and he thanks the dancers.

Michael and Emily, Musicians and film crew all extremely entertained and applaud Peter's effort and the performance.

Kyriakos helps Peter take off the 'gileko' as Peter turns to Jack saying in Greek 'τα εκανα σαλατα!' meaning, << I made a right mess of that >> to which Jack responses "no not at all, you were brilliant" and Michael once again not understanding and thinking he was asking for some Taramosalata.

Peter jumps back into bed before Michael and the Figoura Greek dancers and musicians dash out of the bedroom.

Goodnight Peter!

Off camera Jack and Kyriakos managed to spend a little time with Peter and Emily in their home. Peter told them how much he loves Cyprus as they discussed more about where they are all from, and he also showed them his purpose built BBQ area with its 'built in foukou' (BBQ unit) as he tells them how much he loves his Cypriot souvlakia and wanted a piece of what he loves most about Cyprus in his home here in the UK for him and his family to enjoy.

Emily also tells the dancers about the Greek dancing on their wedding day.

If you would like to watch the full video version, then click on the photo below.

Watch the live show by clicking here



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