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Figoura School of Greek Dance - Junior Division launch this Autumn.

Figoura is launching its junior division this Autumn!  

We are so excited for the opportunity to give the younger generation a chance to delve a lot deeper into the world of Greek dancing!

We believe Greek Dancing should be a discipline taught all on its own because it's a subject that requires time, practice, dedication, and a passion instilled in dancers by instructors with good experience and an understanding of the field.

I recall my first experiences of learning to Greek dance back when I was at Greek school. A short 20 minute dance session (by no means long enough) that gave me my first insight to something I immediately connected with. I was only 7 or 8 years old at the time, and was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to take part in more advanced dancing outside of Greek school, which is where I truly began my dancing development, as I always felt there was more to learn than what was taught to me in those 20 mins. I was right.

Dancing age 10 in Cypriot vraga in Cyprus

As well as keeping our traditions and culture alive, ensuring good fitness levels whilst having fun in a social atmosphere, as a Greek dancer you also develop key skills that continue through into your day to day life. You learn about respect, you become ambitious and disciplined, self aware and motivated, in instils confidence and a strong work ethic and it also teaches you to work with others and be part of a supportive and wider team. It's for these reasons the Figoura junior division is so important to us.

Our launch date for the classes are Monday evenings starting on 2nd October 2017. You can also take advantage of our special launch fees reduced by 40% for all new starters as well.

Key facts about our junior classes :

  • Aimed at students around the ages 8 - 16

  • Taught in Greek and English

  • Are 1 hour 30 mins long

  • Classes are based on ability rather than on age

  • Taught by knowledgeable dance instructors

  • Structured curriculum 

  • Geography will be taught in class

  • Dances from various regions will be taught incl Greece, Cyprus, Pontos & Asia Minor, and areas where Greeks once lived.

  • Mini quiz questions and tests will aid learning and development

  • Recorded and live music will be used in classes

  • Hands on opportunities with Greek folk instruments

  • Providing a life long journey into your Greek dancing development with access to the Adult and Performing group.

  • Performing opportunities

  • Free entrance to the Greek Folk Dance Festival

  • Independent from Greek schools 

  • and more...

To find out what makes Figoura's junior division different from all other junior classes out there, click on the link and have a read for yourselves!



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