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Greek Dancing - Online Tutorials

One of our biggest and most recent updates has been on the content and quality of our online tutorial videos. We launched Figoura online back in 2019 as a trial feature to see whether it would gain any interest, and I have since had some great feedback from those that have been using it, and now seemed like the perfect time to give it a brand new look!

As well as giving many of the original videos a complete refresh from the ground up, there is now new content that includes learning the Zeibekiko, the Hasapiko (and the Zorba) the Cypriot 'Best Man's' dance, including an ALL ACCESS section with popular class dances like the Cretan Syrtos, Maleviziotiko and Pentozali, a Pidictos from Rhodes, some Pontian dances, eg Tik and Dhipat, not to mention some other popular dances like Kalamatianos, Hasaposerviko, Ikariotiko and more. Plenty to be getting on with at your leisure and in the comfort of your own home.

By signing up for the online tutorials you are helping me as well, as it inspires me to spend more time and invest financially in creating more content for you. Knowing that there are enough of you who want it and will benefit from it is especially encouraging. It will also serve as an excellent reference library when we are back in class again.

If you wanted to watch and follow a few of the tutorials before making any commitments, then you can even have a FREE one month trial to make sure you can follow my online tutorial instruction. If it's not for you, then there is no obligation to continue.

Check out the Figoura promo vid and let me know if you like the jingle! I'd love to hear your feedback once you've trialled it out.



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