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Interested in learning the Zeibekiko?

I often get asked why I don't teach the Zeibekiko dance in the classes, and there are many reasons for this, one of which being, that it requires time and practice, and I can easily spend 4 hours teaching it, and still have more to get through. So realistically, unless I teach only Zeibekiko throughout the entire term, then it makes sense to dedicate time to just this one dance separately.

If you have managed to catch one of my past masterclasses, you will have had the opportunity to spend 4-6 hours with me on just this one dance going through the method which I have developed over many years to affectively teach it and give students the ability to freestyle the dance with the tools and ideas that I teach you. That said, 6 hours alone is not enough. For every hour I spend with you teaching, you need to put in 5 hours of personal time to develop, finesse, and gain confidence in the dance.

I've been fortunate to have gained a large student base outside the classroom teaching individuals the Zeibekiko privately, and I've taught hundreds of students in this way over the years in preparation of a special occasion or just simply because it's a dance they have always wanted to learn.

I've wanted for some time now to make this dance and my teaching methodology more easily accessible to everyone with a desire to learn it, that want to practice on their own at home or want to complement the lessons we've had together to digest the concepts. So I created a series of online video tutorials specifically for this and those are kept in the FIGOURA ONLINE section of the website along with other dances.

The Zeibekiko video series has been a popular choice amongst many students and has received the most views together with some really nice feedback from those that have been using them to learn the dance. Therefore, I decided to go one step further and create a new website dedicated to the dance itself. I'm really pleased to be launching



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