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We are excited to announce that you can now learn the popular Greek dance "Zeibekiko" online!! 

Following the hugely successful Zeibekiko Masterclasses in London, we are excited to bring you the online tutorial equivalent.

The Zeibekiko is a hugely popular dance that is danced freely and expressively to the music.  It is not the easiest of dances to master especially if you lack knowledge of the melodic structure of the music and have little understanding of how it to apply free moving steps.  


The Zeibekiko is a 'free dance' or  'Ελεύθερος χορός' mainly because it has no set steps.  It is a dance of improvisation that expresses the feelings of the individual  dancer who gets up to dance.

The Zeibekiko was strictly a man’s dance, and it became a notable especially during the era of 'rembetiko' music.  The Zeibekiko was considered to be the dance of the “manges”, the working class tough/wise guys. Often depicted in their suits and hats seen limping around and frequently going to underground dens or 'tekedes' hence why  the stereotypical character of Manges became a central theme in several Rebetiko songs, such as "Του Βοτανικού ο Μάγκας", "Ε ντε λα μαγκέ ντε Βοτανίκ" "Πού 'σουν μάγκα το Χειμώνα" and "Μάγκας βγήκε για Σεργιάνι"

Nowadays it is also seen danced by women who like men, want to express themselves to the music.

It was important for the dancer to pick the song that allowed them to best expresses their personal situation or state of mind. You'd see the dancer reach a moment of euphoria, where nothing else matters to them at that moment in time. Some say it's the drunk man's dance because of the way it was expressed especially if under the influence of alcohol of other non legal substances.

Nowadays, the Zeibekiko is dance everyone is expected to know.

 The Online Tutorial video is a set of videos over 2.5 hours teaching you about the style along with tips and tricks to give you the confidence to head out on your own in the middle of the dance floor. 



The online tutorial will be suitable for dancers of all levels from beginners and improvers to more advanced dancers that would like to know more about the Zeibekiko

Jack has a unique, easy to follow yet engaging way of teaching the Zeibekiko which have proven to give great results over the years.

If you are ready for an action packed 2.5 hours of Zeibekiko that you can watch and learn in your own leisure, then this is the tutorial for you.


Jack Iacovou

Lead Dance Instructor

About Jack Iacovou


Born and raised in London, Jack is a highly enthusiastic and passionate instructor, choreographer and performer, with over 30 years dance experience along with knowledge of a huge repertoire of dances and a member of the International Dance Council (CID).


Jack started formal training from the age of 8, and has built up a wealth of knowledge and dance styles from all over Greece, Cyprus, Asia Minor, (incl Pontus) and Northern Thrace. 

Trained to performance level, he maintains his continued interest in Greek dance through teaching and performing. He has performed at various festivals and events both nationally and internationally representing Greece and Cyprus as well as on TV.


Jack established the Figoura School of Greek dance in 2013 where he spends most of his time teaching and is also actively involved in the Greek Folk Dance Festival, a project that brings together authentic music and dance.

Jack also choreographs and is the Director of the Figoura Performing group who have put on some spectacular dance sets around London over the past few years.


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