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Our Junior division is the latest addition to hit the Figoura School of Greek Dance, and we are really excited about it, as we strongly believe that your child's journey to Greek dancing should start from an early age and be taught in a fun and educational way with a clear progression into our more senior divisions.  
Aimed at younger students around the ages of 8 - 16, our Junior division gives parents the opportunity to send their children to a dedicated Greek dance class, that will help to enhance their awareness of Greek dancing and teach them in a way that combines both a structured curriculum for learning and development together with in an exciting and fun environment for them to gain confidence and individuality.
They will be taught by passionate teachers who teach in both Greek and English thus ensuring they fully understand the lesson and help them develop key life-long skills that go beyond just dancing. They will have an opportunity to dance with other children and make new long lasting friendships.
At Figoura we want to inspire your child and help them develop their Greek dancing competence and provide them with a clear route to our well established Adult and Performance divisions. We look forward to welcoming your child to the wider Figoura family.

Our introductory level class is taught over three terms througout the year starting with Term 1 in late September/early October, similar to an academic school year. Each term focuses on a new subset of dances so that you can join comfortably during any of the three terms and not have to worry about missing a previous term. The dances are suitably selected to ensure they are aimed at an introductory level to Greek dancing but our Junior students will be encouraged and taught to reach more challenging dances as the term progresses. This makes the Introductory class ideal for anyone that is new to Greek dancing, or in need of a refresher with a view of learning a great deal more techniques and rhythms.

Classes are taught at a slower pace but become increasingly challenging throughout the course whilst maintaining the fun and very enthusiastic nature of the class.

Key facts about our Junior Classes :

  • Taught in Greek and English

  • Are 1 hour 30 mins long

  • Classes are based on ability rather than on age

  • Taught by knowledgeable dance instructors

  • Structured Curriculum 

  • Geography will be taught in class

  • Dances from various regions will be taught incl Greece, Cyprus, Pontos & Asia Minor

  • Mini quiz questions and tests will aid learning and development

  • Recorded and live music will be used in classes

  • Hands on opportunities with Greek folk instruments

  • Providing a life long journey into your Greek dancing development with access to the Adult and Performing group.

  • Performing opportunities

  • Free entrance to the Greek Folk Dance Festival

  • Independent from Greek schools 

  • and more...

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