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Students achieve awards for Greek Dancing in London

As Figoura classes come to an end for yet another academic year and as many students prepare for their summer vacations abroad, many of which choosing Greece and Cyprus as their primary destinations, they go prepared with a solid Figoura year of Greek dancing ready for a summer full of 'Panygyria' (festivals), 'glentia' (parties), and many other events where Greek dancing is at the epicentre of the celebrations, like weddings and christenings. (and we have a quite a number of those this year!).

The Figoura School of Greek dance certification scheme was introduced in 2018 and gives every student an equal chance to reach the International Certification, the top level certification awarded by the International Dance Council (CID). This may take some years to achieve for even the most enthusiastic of students but it gives everyone who attends Figoura a chance to achieve it with our help and guidance. So if you are serious about Greek dancing and are interested in being recognised for your achievements, you may like to consider our dance school and enrol for our new year 2019-2020 which is now open.

Our dance school also offers certifications to students that have shown exceptional commitment to Greek dancing over the past year attending lessons throughout the entire year and showing special qualities as well as various diplomas that may be acquired through various stages of assessment.

We were delighted therefore to award 20 of our students across all our dance classes their first blue seal certificate of participation during their final class of the year.

Our advanced class received a special mention by our Director, Jack Iacovou, for the class with the highest level of student certifications and commitment.

We congratulate all our students on this wonderful achievement and steps towards their bronze, silver, and gold certifications and the top level International Certification.

You can see the names of the students who were awarded along with some more pictures HERE

We wish all our students a wonderful summer and we shall see you all for the new academic year.



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