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Zeibekiko, Hasapiko & Kritika! Which one will you choose? All of them?

The Figoura School of Greek Dance is delighted to be hosting 3 Masterclasses over the next few months. Update your diaries and be quick to save your place.

The Cretan Masterclass will be focused on the 5 most popular Cretan dances and aimed at beginner level students that want to learn, Pentozali, Syrtos, Signos, Maleviziotiko and Sousta. The Cretan Masterclass is already full, but keep an eye out for a future reoccurrence.


The Hasapiko Masterclass will be focused on the popular dance Hasapiko, which has become very popular in Turkey at the moment. Students are going wild for it. The Hasapiko became a mainstream dance when it was used in the movie Zorba the Greek, which gave rise to the more recent names of the Zorba dance and the Sirtaki.


The Zeibekiko Masterclass is one that has been long awaited by many of our students. We don't teach it in or standard dance classes because quite simply, we think you need to spend enough time on the dance to fully digest it, so a Zeibekiko masterclass is the perfect environment to learn it if you wanted to be part of a group class. We have a proven Figoura method for teaching the Zeibekiko which we have been using for years and it gets fabulous results. You won't want to miss this!


We look forward to seeing you at one or perhaps all of our Masterclasses.

More details about Masterclasses at Figoura may be found HERE or simply visit our website

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